We will never interfere with your current healthcare providers. Our decision support services will enhance and improve your existing care – through clearer more accurate communication among your care providers for faster, safer decision-making.

We provide services and innovations beyond the limits of current provincially insured services, therefore, our data support and screening platforms are not insured under provincial health plans. To contact us for more details, visit our Contact page.

Our data and systems are protected by highly secure technology provided through Amazon Web Services, the world leader in public cloud infrastructure. For more information please review the following link for this important Sapphire strategic partner: aws.amazon.com.

Sapphire Digital is compliant with:

  • PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act), the Canadian act that governs the collection, use, and disclosure of personal health information.
  • HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), the American act that sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data and ensures all necessary physical, technical, and process security measures are enacted and followed.
  • The Medicine Act, and those relevant bylaws of the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario)
  • Under no circumstances is medical data under management by Sapphire Digital shared with a third party without your instruction of the patient.
  • All medical data is under client control and direction. All data files are managed for the sole purpose of enhancing and improving client health services and outcomes. Third party requests for medical information sharing or transmission are fulfilled only upon written request by the client or their power of attorney for medical care. Third party organizations will be charged a fee for the unsealing and certification of LifeSTAT

This means your health data is under your exclusive control. Your personal health record is transmitted or shared either by you or by our team with your written consent.

Once we obtain your consent to act as your health information custodian we start the heavy lifting of collecting all your worldwide medical information once you point us in the right direction. Gathering your records only needs to be done once!

Once we become your provider, Sapphire Digital Health Solutions is copied on all new health service events in the same way your family physician’s office is copied. We will update your personal health record when required and reconcile your data annually.

Sapphire Digital data files exist to exclusively benefit our patients. Our platform stores and uniquely organizes patient information and offers them complete control of their file. This means that a patient’s health information is accessible by other parties only if the patient authorizes it. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy.

For pricing, please contact a Sapphire Digital representative. To find out how to reach us, visit our Contact page.

Absolutely! Corporations, family trusts, holding companies, and employers pay for Sapphire Digital services through health spending accounts as an employee benefit.

Absolutely! Simply contact our offices to identify what medical data you would like to have shared and we will arrange.

Your health record is provided to you and all related Sapphire services are discontinued and your file is archived. Reactivation of services can be done at a later date if required.